arno caillere

«After the fire in my house, I would like to thank Gloria Toledo for her professional and comforting attitude towards us. Thanks to her advice on the choice of the insurance contract and the perfect management of the file, this incident was solved perfectly in less than three weeks! Thank you very much Gloria»

maría carpente garcía

«Very professional. He explains everything in detail and is always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions. I took out a health insurance policy and I am already in the process of applying for home insurance. 100% recommended»

antonio rodríguez

«Very satisfied with the service and the results, they arranged the insurance for my previous and current motorbike and I can only recommend them highly.

They always hit the nail on the head to find the best option.»

natalia q.

«Gloria Toledo Brokers offers services in a very professional way. Quality, price and fast management. They even speak English. I have not only car insurance, but home and family insurance and I am very satisfied. I have just had a car breakdown and it has been handled 5 star».

arno caillere

«Tras el incendio de mi casa, quería agradecer a Gloria Toledo su actitud hacia nosotros, tanto profesional como reconfortante. Gracias a sus consejos pertinentes en la elección del contrato del seguro y la perfecta gestión del expediente, este siniestro se solucionó a la perfección en menos de tres semanas!! Muchas Gracias Gloria»

maría carpente garcía

«Muy profesional. Te explica todo al detalle y siempre está al otro lado del teléfono para resolverte cualquier duda. Contraté un seguro de salud y ya estoy en trámites de solicitar el seguro de hogar. 100% recomendada»

antonio Rodríguez

«Muy satisfecho con el servicio y los resultados, me gestionaron los seguros de mis anteriores y actual moto y no puedo hacer mas que recomendarlos insistentemente.

Siempre dan con la tecla para encontrar la mejor opción.»

natalia q.

«Gloria Toledo Seguro ofrece servicios muy en manera muy profesional. Calidad, precio y la gestión rápida. Incluso hablan inglés. Tengo seguro no solo de coche, pero de hogar y de familia y estoy muy satisfecha. Recién he tenido avería de coche y ha sido gestionado de 5 estrellas.»


We manage Tranquility, Security and trust

We are guaranteed by our extensive experience in the sector, with more than 20 years offering our services to SMEs, individuals and groups.

We study the best option for our clients in terms of guarantees, and with very competitive prices.

Our commitment is to customer care and service, offering a personalised service.

While some sell insurance indiscriminately and disappear, we manage your interests, find you the best coverage and the best prices.

Inesa Kiliokaityte

A brave and determined person. Inesa left her country, Lithuania, behind because when she discovered Spain… she didn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

In 2008 she met Gloria Toledo and discovered the world of insurance. For Inesa, helping people and making their lives easier has become a vocation. Together with Gloria Toledo they have a perfect understanding and form an invincible tandem. Of course she speaks Russian, English and Spanish as if she was born with all of them.

Gloria Toledo Valiente

UA dynamic and hard-working person. Nobody has given him anything in life, she has got everything with hard work and effort. More than 25 years ago she started in the world of insurance, some people told her that it would not last long, but today this adventure is already a brokerage with a consolidated portfolio of clients. And yes… she has it in her second surname. She is also brave.


We are totally committed to resolving claims as quickly as possible. We have a legal office and we advise and defend the interests of our clients before the insurance companies.

We carry out quality controls in customer service and we provide an external service if necessary.


We work worldwide

We handle more than one insurance policy for almost 95% of our clients. We manage all of them for 90%.

Our personal and customised service allows us to manage the policies adjusting prices and coverages, avoiding duplication and improving the service.

Small details make the biggest differences

When you’ve finished reviewing a policy and you think you’ve got everything right?

it’s time to… go over it again.

At Gloria Toledo Brokers being meticulous is not a virtue, it’s an obligation.


Gloria Toledo Brokers’ Commitments

The Choice

Where small details become important and make a big difference.

The best Insurance

It is the one that covers what you need and you pay the right money for it.


… is worked for every day.

Our clients endorse us with a high degree of loyalty.

We also work with the main insurance companies who see in Gloria Toledo Brokers a serious brokerage that can be trusted.

The Person

We are a voice on the other side of the phone, we understand and appreciate the difficult situations that we sometimes face in life.

We are your insurance intermediary, people who deal with people to achieve the best cover that is right and at the best price, which is the right price.

We know each other because to work with us, we not only talk, but more importantly, we listen to you.

The learning

Quality learning translates into quality service.

We are constantly undergoing training processes, every day.

Continuous training allows us to be versatile and, in many cases, to anticipate movements in the insurance sector.

Without continuous training… there is no future.

The Experience

More than 20 years progressing one step further every day in a highly competitive sector. What we know is essential to match it with the new knowledge we learn.

Our experience is our clients’ experience

The innovation

The sector is changing fast, new laws, new perspectives, new products…

We are always looking for innovation and it makes us be permanently more innovative…

We are up to date to be able to give the best.

The logic

It’s quite simple: if we look for a doctor to operate and an architect to design a house…

Why don’t you contact an insurance broker, who are the best professionals, to find your insurance?

The Quality

Quality is not just a word. For Gloria Toledo Brokers, quality is a way of facing each challenge, each job, each of the processes that we carry out with detail, with exigency, with security.

Quality brings security, security brings trust and trust brings peace of mind, and peace of mind is what gives us peace of mind in life.

We grow thanks to the trust of our clients

We speak Russian, English and Spanish which allows us to listen to and understand our clients from all over the world.

In the event of incidents in other countries, we can handle them successfully.

Let’s work together

You have a team ready to offer you a good service. We don’t sell insurance and if I’ve seen you I don’t remember.

We work with people, we manage contracts, renovations and also incidents. If necessary, we have a legal office to fight for your interests against the companies.

Let’s work together

You have a team ready to offer you a good service. We don’t sell insurance and if I’ve seen you I don’t remember.

We work with people, we manage contracts, renovations and also incidents. If necessary, we have a legal office to fight for your interests against the companies.